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Dracula's Castle | Hotel Style Keychain

$10.00 - $12.00

Inspired by original iterations of Bram Stoker's vampire: "Dracula". Let everyone know your affinity for the darkness and the pale, bloodsucking creatures that reside within it.


**All charms have light scuffing on them, this is due to the manufacturing process and cannot be helped.** Please take this into consideration before buying. A Grade charms have considerably less noticeable scuffs.

B GRADE CHARMS: these charms have large noticeable scuffs or tiny parts of missing foil - you can grab these for a discounted price if you don't mind that sort of thing!

Charms feature a bright red foil and red bat shaped clasps. These charms are single sided and do not feature a design on the backside.


Bat clasps provided by MargalitapizzaGO on twitter ❤