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Welcome to our new Store!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our shop! We're a two artist team who started selling our merchandise together in July of 2020. We are always continuing to grow as merch designers and store runners and aim to create products of high quality and design! 

If you should choose to buy from our Big Cartel: we thank you very much!  Big Cartel allows us to keep more of the money we earn as opposed to Etsy, where we sometimes can lose 30% to even 60% of our total revenue.

Our Big Cartel will be the only place where we host sales, bundle deals, and certain exclusive items like Mystery Bags! Our Big Cartel also hosts cheaper prices on most items!



teddyraygun - Shop manager, merch designer and freelance artist. [Twitter]

Voorbees - Shop assistant and merch designer. [Twitter]