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BG3 Peeker Stickers


Add your favorite Baldur's Gate character to your laptop or car, where they'll always be peeking at anyone who passes by! These "peeker" stickers are intended to look like the character is peering over a wall or barrier - perfect for the edges of your laptop or car window!

Stickers feature an "EZ-peel" backing for a convenient peel! (No more struggling to peel off the backing paper!)

Stickers are extra thick and laminated with a textured matte finish making them ideal for high traffic things like cars, laptops and water bottles! Acrylic-based adhesive means that they have a SUPER strong bond to their surface without lasting damage.

Each sticker has a slightly different size, so that together they can be more dynamic when placed together (i.e. Karlach and Halsin are slightly larger than everyone else, because the actual characters have size differences!)

Sticker Sizing:
Astarion (Regular & Camp Variant) - 3.6" x 3.4"
Gale - 3.9" x 3.42"
Shadowheart - 3.9" x 3.2"
Wyll - 4" x 3.4"
Shadowheart -
Lae'zel - 3.5" x 3.4"
Karlach - 3.7" x 3.8"
Halsin - 3.75" x 3.5"

Our vinyl stickers can last 3+ years in most conditions! They are resistant to water, heat, and even winter weather (within reasonable limits!) They are perfect for putting onto almost any surface, even your car! When removing a sticker, there may be a slight residue left behind which can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.